Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making Macarons on The Kitchn

I'm not a baker, but I know many of you are.  So when I saw this post on The Kitchn, I had to pass it along.

Actually, The Kitchn post is a link to the original post on BraveTart, and is worth visiting for the photos alone!

I've never made this popular French sweet, have you?


  1. No, but I sure ate my share while in Provence! I had some once in the States, and couldn't figure out what the big deal was. The were pretty, but kind of blah. But then I tried some on our vacation, at one of the indoor markets, and ooh la la, what a difference! The chocolate one was to die for.

  2. You know I love to bake but I'm scared of macrarons....maybe this summer.

  3. I agree with Miss Becky - but I've not tasted one in France. maybe if I had a really good one, I would bake them. I've heard they're easy to make.